Dynox Hosting, a CloudExis LLC brand.

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Free hosting, available to everyone

We provide our services to help out those who are unable to pay due to a number of reasons

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What We Do?

A look at Dynox Services

Bot Hosting

You can host your JavaScript and Python discord bots using our ptero based control panel.

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Web Hosting*

Dynox provides users with free web hosting, using the Plesk panel. All websites get free SSL.

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Database Hosting*

Need a MySQL database, but don't have the space for it on your machine? Fire one up on Dynox!

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Game Hosting*

Have you ever wanted your own Minecraft server? Dynox can provide one for free! Start your SMP today!

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How does it work?

Have you ever wondered how we can provide this to you?

Dynox Hosting is owned by CloudExis LLC, which is where a majority of its funding comes from. Other then that, Dynox runs Google Ads, and lets users buy ad space. Our amazing users also help us by referring people to our services!


User Ads

We are among the first free hosts that let users buy ad space on the panel!


YEARS of Experience

Our staff team is made of experienced developers and business owners.


IPv6 Compatible

Dynox is one of the first free hosts that provides IPv6 support.

A host for you

What makes Dynox so special?

Dynox prides itself in being unique. Our company focuses on you, as a customer. Lets see how! First of all, Dynox doesn't rely soley on Google Ads. Yes, our websites have Google ads on them, but we are one of the few hosts that let users put their own ads on the panel.

Our team is also made of experienced people who have been in both the hosting and free hosting industries for over a combined decade.

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Why Choose Us?

We want to be your number one choice.

We support all different types of hosting, from web hosting, bot hosting and game hosting, all the way to MySQL hosting, and soon, free vps hosting?

Our support is always on standby, waiting to help you! We offer support via email and Discord. We will also be expanding our support team to include web based tickets for those who don't have Discord.

Unlike many free hosts, we aren't in the business to collect your personal data, or steal the code you worked hard on. We are dedicated to providing our users with safe and secure hosting for all of their needs.

Our Team

Meet the people that make the wheels turn.



Under Hyrage, Dynox entered a new Era



The longest employeed staff member


Panel Developer

Creator of the Dynox Control Panel



One of the few team members who was a user

“very op and easy to use. Would recommend for sure "

Your Mum


“One of the best hosts out there I'd say that is free, and incredibly friendly staff, I have had 1 issue involving the console being sluggish, but besides that's, it's pretty good!”

Tyler Sparling


“I just started using this hosting and the CEO of the discord server was an amazing help! He brought me through everything step by step!”

Grayson Rispoli


“This hosting is the best I have ever seen I got 60-100ms ping this is so good! More op from any hosting web!”



Our Community

Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying about us.

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at our 100+ reviews! We love getting feedback, even if it is negative. We want to hear from our users so we know what we are doing right, and we know what we are doing wrong.

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